Photos by Prof. Karen Chan, Dr. Cynthia Yau, Ms. Esther Wong.

  • Ctenophora (Phylum) - Ctenophores or Comb jellies

    • Tentaculata (Class)

  • Platyhelminthes (Phylum) - Flatworms

    • Turbellaria (Class)

  • Chaetognatha (Phylum) - Arrow worms

Updated on 24th October, 2017

The following is a taxonomic key of the diverse faunal groups that were collected during a 15-month zooplankton survey of Port Shelter, in the eastern waters of Hong Kong during May 2016 to July 2017. A 500 µm mesh Bongo net was deployed to target microplankton (measuring between 20-200 µm) and mesoplankton (measuring between 200-2000 µm) size ranges.

Examples of some of the genera and species found are given. Click on the names underlined for the relevant photomicrographs page in the Photo Guide.

(For better viewing experience, please visit the desktop version for this page.)

Taxonomic Details

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